Sunday, July 30, 2006

Hibernate - Facade Pattern

The last days I spent some time on designing the dao-component of our first prototype whithin the bakk-project for university. I used the 'Fassade'-Design Pattern to ensure a simple and robust access to our database and data-access-objects via hibernate. Because I already have created a description and a uml 2.0 - diagram of the architecture I'd like to refer to this article. I also would like to mention the fact that I had a lot of troubles with saving data to a standalone-hsqldb-database via hibernate. After a while I switched to a server-based configuration and everything was fine. Thx god ;0)

Here is a diagram of the actual dao-architecture of the first prototype whithin the bakk-project.

Of course you are always welcome to post better solutions for my design. Soon, there will also be a source-reference of the prototype. Maybe then you will get a better understanding of the design an how we use it. Enough of programming 2day ... it's about 30 degrees out there ... swimming-action!!


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Maven 2.0 - Versioning Problem

As I mentioned in my profile-description i work for a software-company as the build manager and I'm responsible for the configuration of the build-tool (Maven 2.0). Because our current project is very mightful and complex we decided to configure our own maven-company-repository.

There already have been a few buisness module releases. Our current Snapshot-version of our main framework is 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT. The last days we had a problem with the versioning of our pom-files but finally we've found a solution.

The problem was that one of our submodules of our framework asked for a wrong dependency-version when we executed the 'mvn compile' command. That's because of maven's inheritance-strategy, but I think you will get a better understanding of the problem if you observe the following diagram.

If you click on the small diagramm a new browser-site will pop up and you will be able to see the original diagram. Because I think the drawing is very
self-explanatory I won't bother you with a too long description of the problem and of course much more important the solution of the problem which is in fact very simple.

You just have to hardcode your versioning-property in your parent-POM and all derived submodules will use the right version for the dependencies. Unfortunately I couldn't come up with a better solution but you are welcome to post a better way to solve this problem if you have found an other solution.

so long


Monday, July 24, 2006

Hi folks!

This is my first entry and I'd like to post a Link of a site which I've used a lot in the past for configuring my eclipse plugins. This site is written in german and gives a good description of the most common eclipse plugins on the market. Skills

Also you can find a lot of good tutorials about java-based technologies e.g. EJB 3.0.

You're welcome to check out this great site.