Sunday, July 30, 2006

Hibernate - Facade Pattern

The last days I spent some time on designing the dao-component of our first prototype whithin the bakk-project for university. I used the 'Fassade'-Design Pattern to ensure a simple and robust access to our database and data-access-objects via hibernate. Because I already have created a description and a uml 2.0 - diagram of the architecture I'd like to refer to this article. I also would like to mention the fact that I had a lot of troubles with saving data to a standalone-hsqldb-database via hibernate. After a while I switched to a server-based configuration and everything was fine. Thx god ;0)

Here is a diagram of the actual dao-architecture of the first prototype whithin the bakk-project.

Of course you are always welcome to post better solutions for my design. Soon, there will also be a source-reference of the prototype. Maybe then you will get a better understanding of the design an how we use it. Enough of programming 2day ... it's about 30 degrees out there ... swimming-action!!


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