Friday, March 30, 2007

Gettin' started with C

So far the following description will describe a very fast way how to compile a c-application under windows. You just have to install the Borland C Compiler which you can find under the following link: Borland C Compiler By the way you will find a detailed german description under next link: German Description

After the registration at Borland you will be redirected to the download-page. Just get the the compiler-package and install it. Add the path of the install-directory to your env-vars and type 'bcc32' to the command line.

You then should be able to see the tool's version and the command line options. Write a simple c-application and then type the following to compile your application:

From C Programming

After your programm compiled successfully you should see some output like this:

From C Programming

Hopefully this helps you to get started with C.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Degree or no degree @ Microsoft

Under the following two links you will a find two very nice videos about job recruiting at Microsoft. You will get information about how to get hired, if you need a degree to get hired and what else you should take care at the job interview. Also you will see a how a whiteboard session in C coding happens... very, very interesting.


Friday, March 23, 2007

Impressions of I-n-d-i-a

Not only the land of the Java and NetBeans core developer but also a place to enjoy some of the world's nicest beaches. A good friend of mine stayed in India for seven weeks and here are some very nice impressions of his trip.

From Daniel's Indi...

From Daniel's Indi...

From Daniel's Indi...

From Daniel's Indi...

Windows XP SP2 Image 4 F-R-E-E

Since I've installed Vista Ultimate on my notebook, by the way I'm very happy about this decision, I booked a lot of Vista Blogs to receive the newest information about the new OS. In my last post I summarized the best of these Blogs as links so if you are also interested in Vista you should have look at those links.

In one of the last posts, there was a very interesting entry about a free Windows XP SP2 Image which is provided from Microsoft for free. Under the following link you will be able to download this image for Virtual PC 2007 which also is free to download.

The XP SP2 image will be activated till July 07 but by experience there will be a new version of the image a few days before the old version will expire. Here are the links for the XP Image and Virutal PC:

From Windows
One thing: I've installed the image sucessfully but now at startup of the virtual machine there pops-up the error-message from genuine which normally checks the license of your Windows version. So why isn't this "feature" turned off, this version is for free and provided from Microsoft themself anyway.. Hmm?

From Windows

Haven fun.. Cheers

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Vista Blogs

Finally I installed the 'Ultimate' version of Windows Vista on my notebook and except the fingerprint-scanner and some of the notebook buttons everything works fine. Of course HP provides all the drivers which are necessary to work vista faultless on my notebook but I haven't had time to install all of them so far.

The following list of links summarizes the Vista and Office 2007 Blogs which I have found so far:

Of course this list will grow ;-)


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

SYSPROG | Block zum 1. Übungsbeispiel

This lesson was presentet by Raimund Kirner and the lesson's topic was "Block zum 1. Übungsbeispiel" and hence I thought the first exercise of this lecture would be described in detail but I was wrong.

Raimund Kirner explained some very basic features of the C programming language. E.g. example very simple c-commands were discussed (getopt, stderr, printf, fflush, ferror, fopen, fread, fwrite) and also simple i/o-operations were explained in detail.

Topics (german):
  • Argumentenbehandlung
  • Umgang mit Fehlern
  • I/O, Dateioperationen
  • Message Queues, Named Pipes
  • Signalbehandlung
The teacher's presentation style was very boring but I think that's quite normal for the presentation style at the Technical University of Vienna although I can't think of a more interesting way to present these kind of topics.

2-morrow (14th March) the first exercise will be announced and the students will be able to get their student-accounts during the official lab opening-times (Wedn. 10:00-13:00 hrs.) for this lecture.

For further information you must to check the official lab-hompage.


Saturday, March 10, 2007

Easy, Easier, NetBeans

WoW WoW WoW! Incredible!

I've been eagerly waiting for Roumen's new flash tutorial which shows new features of NetBeans 6.0 GUI-Builder Matisse and how to bind data to entities of a relational database. It's finally online.

In 8 minutes Roumen shows how to create a database-desktop application which provides basic database handling e.g. adding or deleting entities. You don't have to implement all the basic components like a toolbar or a menu from scratch, even a progress bar will be created and if you refresh the list the progress bar will be activated.

It makes me smile when I think of the time where I had to implement such a database-application to pass an acceptance test at the university. It took me about one whole week to implement this application and it only provided a simple search functionality. I couldn't even add or delete entries. Now, with NetBeans it's just too damn easy to create such an application.

Hopefully no teacher at the university recognizes this feature of the IDE or the acceptance test will be much more difficult ;o) and hopefully many, many students already work with NetBeans to make their developer-life easier at university.