Tuesday, March 13, 2007

SYSPROG | Block zum 1. Übungsbeispiel

This lesson was presentet by Raimund Kirner and the lesson's topic was "Block zum 1. Übungsbeispiel" and hence I thought the first exercise of this lecture would be described in detail but I was wrong.

Raimund Kirner explained some very basic features of the C programming language. E.g. example very simple c-commands were discussed (getopt, stderr, printf, fflush, ferror, fopen, fread, fwrite) and also simple i/o-operations were explained in detail.

Topics (german):
  • Argumentenbehandlung
  • Umgang mit Fehlern
  • I/O, Dateioperationen
  • Message Queues, Named Pipes
  • Signalbehandlung
The teacher's presentation style was very boring but I think that's quite normal for the presentation style at the Technical University of Vienna although I can't think of a more interesting way to present these kind of topics.

2-morrow (14th March) the first exercise will be announced and the students will be able to get their student-accounts during the official lab opening-times (Wedn. 10:00-13:00 hrs.) for this lecture.

For further information you must to check the official lab-hompage.


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