Saturday, March 10, 2007

Easy, Easier, NetBeans

WoW WoW WoW! Incredible!

I've been eagerly waiting for Roumen's new flash tutorial which shows new features of NetBeans 6.0 GUI-Builder Matisse and how to bind data to entities of a relational database. It's finally online.

In 8 minutes Roumen shows how to create a database-desktop application which provides basic database handling e.g. adding or deleting entities. You don't have to implement all the basic components like a toolbar or a menu from scratch, even a progress bar will be created and if you refresh the list the progress bar will be activated.

It makes me smile when I think of the time where I had to implement such a database-application to pass an acceptance test at the university. It took me about one whole week to implement this application and it only provided a simple search functionality. I couldn't even add or delete entries. Now, with NetBeans it's just too damn easy to create such an application.

Hopefully no teacher at the university recognizes this feature of the IDE or the acceptance test will be much more difficult ;o) and hopefully many, many students already work with NetBeans to make their developer-life easier at university.


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