Tuesday, July 24, 2007

NetBeans Modules

I'd like to sum up chapter three and four of my relatively new book "Rich Client Programming - Plugging into the NetBeans Platform". It is about all the different types of modules which the Platform provides and when you should use each of it.

End-User Interface Module
No other module depends on this kind of module.

Simple Library
Other modules can depend on this type of module. (E.g. Apache Commons Collection)

Modular Library
There is a strict separation of API (specification) and it's implementation. There are at least two modules necessary to support this requirement, one for the API (incl. Documentation) and one for the implementation.

Three basic types of modules in the NetBeans runtime container

User-Visible Functionality – Director of the enablement state of other modules.

Without them nothing works. No User-Visible functionality. Only used by other libraries. Out of control of end users.

Eager modules are enabled as soon as possible. Eager modules cannot be disabled directly by the user. Bridges functionality between two independent modules.

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