Saturday, January 19, 2008

Java Certificates Overview

In the post about my last IBM course I wrote a bit about the lecture's consulting job. He told me how his life looks if he isn't busy on teaching some courses to other it-people and that's the topic of this post. Certificates, it's all about certificates. In his job he has to constantly learn about new technologies and get the corresponding certificates for those technologies. I mean how cool is that, the fact to always learn something new and then you'll be able to teach about it. So, that's why I tried to figure out how am able to get such certificates in Vienna, how difficult those are and of course how much they cost.

Because I love Java I first got onto the Sun Microsystems website to get an overview about all offered certificates and will always get a good description about the course's preconditions and so on. My problem was, or better my problem is, to figure out how much those certificates are. I mean, Sun only presents the corresponding course-price for the certificate but as I heard it is possible to get those certificates without doing the course by only passing the exam. So, I searched through the WIFI website where I had my last IBM course. In the following link-list you will find a pricelist but this list is provided by a WIFI of another federal state, hence not from Vienna.

Because today is Saturday I won't be able to call the WIFI's Information Center but on Monday I'll try to get more information about the certificates. In the pricelist the Java Certificates are all about 51 bucks so that's pretty affordable. I will let you know if I have found more information on getting a Java Certificate in Vienna. Of course you are welcome to post your experiences in this section.

Sun Java Certificates: Total Overview


Sun Certified Java Associate

  • Total Overview: SCJA
  • Online Test-Questions: SCJA Sun Certified Java Associate Mock Exams

This link-list will be extended as soon I have more information.

Cheers and good night.

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