Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sun Academic Initiative | TU-Vienna

In my last two posts, I talked about how you can find the right websites to get a Sun Certificate. On the Prometric Website if you select Sun Mircrosystem you will have two choices: the SUN Academic Initiative (212) and the Sun Microsystems (310, 311) and there will be a big price difference between those two options. You will find the corresponding price list for the regular Sun Microsystem Certifcates in my last post.

As I saw the big price difference (the SAI is only 129 Bucks) I tried to figure out how I'm able to do that kind of exam instead of the regular one and what the preconditions are. So I googled SAI and I found out that my university (TU-Vienna) offers possibilities to get the right information about the SAI for students.

Here you will find a guidance on how to register for SAI over the TU-Vienna. On this website you will find a link to register to the SAI-Portal. If you scroll down you will find all necessary resources for the SAI. So what the TU provides is the possibility to use Sun's online training for free. You just have to pay 2,70 Bucks for the ZID's administrative effort but that's affordable.

So, I think I only have to pay 129 Bucks for the Exam and not the 210 which I've blogged about. Well, that's pretty cool.



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